Have You Accounted For ALL The Heirs?
HeirHunt.com and FolksFinder.com offer several reasonably priced search options and investigations to identify and locate unknown heirs and beneficiaries, or locate known heirs and beneficiaries whose whereabouts are unknown. We work with executors, administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, bank and trust officers, and their counsel.

All searches are conducted by, or under the supervision of, a licensed PI and Certified Paralegal (NALA). Investigations can be court authorized, and fees are based on the information provided, and the type of search authorized, and are not based on the size of an estate. HeirHunt.com and its investigative agency, Scott Searches, can provide the necessary services to account for and locate such people, and provide due diligence affidavits, or court testimony, if needed.

Forensic Genealogy Investigations are available for longer term projects of heirship determination, including identifying unknown heirs, etc. There are many instances where genealogical research is needed for "due diligence" purposes to account for, and determine if any rightful heirs or beneficiaries exist that are unknown to an estate or trust.

An Ultimate Folks Finder Investigation provides an affordable "NO FIND, NO FEE" verified locate option for specific heirs and beneficiaries whose identities are known to an estate or trust, but whose whereabouts are unknown.

It doesn't matter whether the last known address is five or fifty years old, or older, we can conduct a wide range of searches with our access to thousands of public records databases, sophisticated internet search techniques, and traditional investigative sources and methods. We can often locate difficult subjects with very little to go on.

A basic Folks Finder Search uses multiple sources of public, proprietary and open source information available to licensed private investigators to provide a very cost effective report of actionable locate and background information about specific people.